Our Rates Include:

  1. Full insurance, (F.D.W.). There is no own risk!
  2. Local taxes 13 %
  3. Unlimited Mileage
  4. FREE delivery and collection to - from hotels, Samos airport and Samos ports
  5. Replacement of the car in case of breakdown
  6. Road Service
  7. Road maps

Conditions of rental:

  1. Driver's age: Minimum 23 years of age
  2. Driver's license: A valid driving license held for at least one year from the country of residence or an international Driving Permit is required
  3. Minimum Rental: One day (24 hours). Every hour in excess is calculated at 1/5 of the daily rate
  4. Gasoline: Paid by the customer
  5. Availability: Car models are according to original planning. Delivery problems however, may compel us to supply another vehicle in exceptional cases
  6. Across the border rentals: An advance written authorization from our offices is required
  7. Traffic fines: All traffic fines and expenses incurred during the rental period are the renter's responsibility
  8. Rent-it-here / leave-it-there: "One-way rental" is available if such an arrangement is confirmed on the rental agreement.